Original, one of a kind, custom Jewelry and Art

Find a variety of stones, shapes, sizes & styles in our extensive collection.

Cassandra Shaw Jewelry carries over twelve Mexican and international designers who live and design in various regions of Mexico. Their pieces come in a range of styles from traditional mexican, rustic and edgy, to contemporary and sleek.


Custom jewelry & artwork

Email us your ideas, including pictures or descriptions of what you'd like to get made. 


CSJ's Story:

    Cassandra Shaw Jewelry was established on calle Basilio Badillo in 2007, though Cassandra Shaw's career in the jewelry business started seven years prior. Cassandra moved from Canada to Puerto Vallarta in 1999 as an aspiring painter, she soon started managing a jewelry boutique where she found a new creative outlet, designing. Seven years later, Cassandra's path lead her to open her own jewelry store and gallery, where she would sell her own jewelry designs and exhibit her paintings. 

    Over the years CSJ has gained a reputation for providing the most unique silver jewelry for women and men in the Bay. We are also recognized for our original ad's where Cassandra's chihuahuas; the late Leonardo, M.J. Bean and Rocky Raccoon, the newest member, are decked out in jewels! 




    CSJ's mission since the beginning has been to display exquisite silver jewelry made in Mexico, featuring a variety of stones, fossils and materials. Many of the designs are one of a kind, fabricated locally by hand in Puerto Vallarta and designed by Cassandra herself. While also showcasing 12 other talented designers that live and produce their jewelry in various regions of Mexico. 

    Come visit us and the dogs on your next trip, you will walk out wanting more with a grey bag in hand!

Meet our models:

M.J. Bean & Rocky Raccoon